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Toma Kiori

Post by Toma Kiori on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:44 am

Toma Kiori is a tall Gand a type of Gand that is rare to his race the only other tall Gand he knew was his twin brother his skin color is red with black lines throughout in a simetrical pattern his eyes are pure yellow and has a unique breathing resperator as he cannot breath normal air like most other races his resperator is unique in style and that it comes with a vocal traslator allowing him to be able to comunicate while wearing it his voice automatically translates to other languages for others to hear to understand it also feeds into his "ear canals" to translate to his language so he understands

Cadet Toma walks into admissions office fills out his paperwork  

"I would like to join the medical team it has been a dream of mine to help people the besat that I can maybe if I was around when my brother was here I would have been able to help him more"

OCC: hopefully I did it right??
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