Cybernetic Implant Surgery Procedure

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Cybernetic Implant Surgery Procedure

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:51 pm

The Surgeon:
Pre OP:
Removes own Equipment,Weapons,Armour etc. and wears Scrubbs.
(Reason? Don't want to alarm the Patient, having dropped all his gear and then being intimidated with Weapons,Battle Armour ect. Nor nudity..Scrubbs give the Surgeon something to wear less confronting.
Not unusual for a Patient to be naked in theatre... it is for the operating staff!.
( Scrubbs will be available for a small fee, colour of your long as it is white.)

The Surgeon prepares the Operating Room by installing (In Crates)1 Bacta Tank, 3 Bacta Refills and the correct Cybernetic Implant.
On hand is a Med Kit containing a Laser Scalpel and several Healing Sticks (As a stand-by should the Patient not be at Maximum HP Level on arrival), and up to 5 Medical (minimum level 5) NPC Assistants in the room (not in party).
At the time of the operation and the Patient has arrived ..The medkit is opened and Surgeon takes a Laser Scalpel.

Note: Bacta Tank and Refills are NOT Opened/Filled at this point. .

The Cybernetic Implant is made over to the Patient, Checking again it IS the correct Implant...The Laser Scalpel is positioned on the Surgeon's character in "Utillity 1" and waits for the Patient to initiate the procedure.

Note: Once in the Operating Room..Surgeon,Patient and NPC's must remain in the room till the entire operation is concluded.

Post OP:
When the operation concludes ..the Surgeon opens remaining crates and fills the Bacta Tank with the Bacta Refills..Menu will ask who needs the Bacta Tank?? Click the Patients name!..The Patient is revived from Sedation and immediately placed in the Bacta Tank till full Health Points Restored.
This may take an extended amount of time, pending the HP Level to restore.If..the patient is not on the list of who to enter the Bacta Tank..the Patient is notified and asked to enter the Bacta Tank themselves.

The Patient:
Prior to arrival at the Medical Facility location,the patient drops all equipment,weapons etc. aboard their ship or vehicle, A room at the hospital may be allocated for this purpose.
The Patient must be at Maximum HP level on arrival.

The Patient enters the operating room. Asked again if "SURE" ? that the procedure should continue?
If affirmative.. he/she has the Cybernetic Implant made over to them as previously discussed and positioned in the appropriate section on their Character.

The Patient then goes and clicks "Actions" on their Room Travel screen and selects (through the Menu) the Surgeon, NPC Medical Assistants (Droids when implemented) and "Cybernetic Implant " from a list available. Then the Patient is "Prepped" for the operation. This action drops the Implant and reduces Health Points from their Maximum to 1 hp and payment for the operation is taken "Automatically" ..The patient is sedated for the duration (24 hours) and the Operation begins.

A Counter (found above Location on the Information Panel at the right of screen will "count down" the 24 hours...Also followed by a counter for time remaining in the Bacta Tank for the Patient.
Refer back to Surgeon (Post Op)

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