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Section 1.. You will find all implemented prosthetics, their Skill Enhancements,Raw Material Costs per item and Batch Information.

Section 2.. Deals with the requirements of both the "Surgeon" and "Patient"..
Pre - Operatively
The Operation
Post - Operatively

Section 3..Deals with an Introduction to the FMC Cybernetic Mobile Surgical Unit (CMSU), Pricing and Surgical Contractual Conditions.

Cybernetic Implants:
Prosthetic Eyes:

Prosthetic Arms:

Prosthetic Legs:

Prosthetic Cyborg Combat Unit (Close Quarters)

Prosthetic Cyborg Combat Unit (Ranged)

Prosthetic Cyborg Electronics Unit:

Prosthetic Cyborg Engines Unit:

Prosthetic Cyborg Metallurgy Unit:

Prosthetic Cyborg Weapons Unit:

Prosthetic "Faulty" Cyberntic Unit:

Cybernetic Operations:

1/ Cybernetics
Cybernetics are implanted enhancements that provide positive and negative bonuses to character skills. These bonuses will never make a character's skills above 5 or below 0.

Cybernetics can be installed and uninstalled pending some restrictions, but you can only have one cybernetic installed at any given time.

In these sections,
The term "Patient" refers to the character who is requesting the cybernetic operation.
The term "Surgeon" refers to the main entity that will be performing the operation.

You can only have one cybernetic installed at a time.

2/ Requirements
The following things are required to all be true before any install/uninstall cybernetic operation can proceed:

Patient - The character that is requesting the operation
Surgeon - This must be a Character that is part of a medical faction
Laser Scalpel - Required to be held by Surgeon
Cybernetic - The Patient must have the cybernetic that will be installed equipped.
Hospital - Must be owned by a medical faction and be an entity with a medical room.
Ships/Vehicles can not be moving whilst a cybernetic operation is started/being conducted.
Medical Room - Patient must be in a medical room in the hospital
Healthy - Patient must be at full health to start.
Assistants - Only up to 5 are allowed. Can only be a Medic NPC ..Later, when implemented Medical Droids may assist.

3/ Performing Cybernetic Operation
The process of performing cybernetic operations takes a few steps. It consists of two steps: the Preparation and the Operation itself.

3.1/ Preparation
The preparation is a simple process that will perform the following steps:

Kick from Party - Removes the patient from any party they are in.
Choose the Surgeon - From a list of Surgeons available.
Choose the Medical NPC's - From a list of Assistants available.
Choose the Implant - From a list of Implants available.
Sedate the Patient - Turning the Patient unconscious for the duration of the operation, removing all HP but 1HP.
Remove Equipment - Strips any equipment the Patient is wearing and sets it on the floor.
Pay the cost - While you are sedated and all your things are on the floor the SWC Administration will take the cost of the bill.

3.2/ Operation
The operation procedure is where the Surgeon and NPC Medical Assistants will actually try to install or uninstall the requested cybernetic. There are risks involved in the operation and they are listed below:

Unconscious - The entire duration you will be unconscious and thus vulnerable.
Theft - Since your equipment is on the floor (Best to leave aboard your Ship/Vehicle) there is a chance someone can just run away with it.
Failure - There is a chance that this operation will fail and might have to do it again..
Revived - After the operation is over, you will be revived and have only 1 HP so will be vulnerable for the opportunistic person to take advantage of.
There are a few activities that can interrupt the operation procedure. These activities are listed below along with the consequences of the actions:

Arrest - Arrest of the Patient or Surgeon will immediately abort the operation and revive the Patient.
Death - Death of the Patient or the Surgeon will immediately abort the operation and revive the Patient, unless they are the one that died.

3.3/ Cost
You can determine the cost of the operation by using the below formula:
Surgeon Skill (Skill) - Medical Skill of the Surgeon + 1.
Raw Material Cost (RMC) - Raw material cost of the cybernetic.
Morale - The morale of the location.
Crime - The crime of the location.
Taxes - The tax level of the location.
Cost = Round(((RMC * 10) * (1.5 - (0.5 * (Crime - Morale))) * 1.2) * Skill * pow(Skill, -0.04) + (((RMC * 5) * Taxes) * Skill))

The Medical Faction (FMC)that owns the hospital where the operation is occurring will receive 10% of the cost of the operation.

3.4/ Chance of Success
You can determine your chance for success by using the below formula:
Skill - Medical Treatment Skill of the Surgeon.
Bonus - Combined Medical Treatment Skill of the NPC Medical Assistants.
Install - The difficulty to install a cybernetic, the lower the number the harder it is to install.
Civilation Level - The civilation of the location.
Success Chance = round(1 + (Skill * 4.5) + (Bonus / 2.5) + Install * (0.5 * CivilationLevel * 2.2))

3.5/ Install Rates
The difficulty to install a cybernetic. The lower the number, the harder it is to install or uninstall

Name Install
Cyborg Metallurgy Unit 30
Cyborg Electronics Unit 30
Cyborg Weapons Unit 30
Cyborg Close Combat Unit 30
Cyborg Ranged Combat Unit 30
Cyborg Engines Unit 30
Artificial Arms 30
Artificial Eyes 30
Artificial Legs 30
Faulty Cybernetic 0

3.6/ Duration

A cybernetic operation lasts for 24 hours. This means that while undergoing the Operation,the Patient will be Unconscious for this entire duration.

3.7/ XP

The Surgeon that is performing the operation will receive XP, upon the completion of the operation. More XP will be given for a successful operation.

3.8/ Failure

If you fail to install/uninstall a cybernetic implant another test is performed. This test is to see if you have a critical failure, in which case, there is a 10% chance of rolling a critical failure.

If critical failure was rolled, then the cybernetic implant that you were trying to install/uninstall gets damaged and becomes a faulty cybernetic. Faulty cybernetics are defective cybernetics that have been fused to the Patient making it impossible to remove them.

Faulty cybernetics also have negative skill modifiers so installing cybernetics is not without risks.

Section 3

Ryurik Van D`Arc Chief of Medicine
(Director of Surgical Operations)
Falleen Medical Contracts~Cybernetic Mobile Surgical Unit (CMSU)

Falleen Medical Contracts have commenced Cybernetic Implant Operations in the Falleen Federation.
The F.M.S. Miracle is a YV-666 and has been chosen as the main carrier for the Surgical Team, for several reasons:
1. Hyperspeed 4 with Level 5 Pilot is the fastest ship available to carry medical ships, staff and all necessary equipment.
2. As a YV-666, F.M.S. Miracle has landing capability which few other Corvette class and above can't achieve.
3. Adequate.. Weaponry,Docking bay,Docking port and Hangar bay to equal her to many ships of larger size and at a fraction of cost.

FMS Miracle is fully staffed with Highly Qualified Surgeons (Level 5) and minimum Level 5 Medical NPC's to assist,3 Sprint-Class Rescue Craft (2 Operating rooms each),1 Kettrifee Air Movers (4 Operating rooms.) With High Quality Bacta Products on board to cater for all sentients at your chosen location provided the said location meets with the requirements as stated in Section 2 .

Our prices include the appropriate Cybernetic Unit, the Surgery,Pre Op and post Op care and a complimentary immersion in our Bacta Tank is also included at no charge at the end of your operation to help restore your health points back to maximum levels.

Full payment for your Complete Surgical Procedure will be required before the operation begins and the approximate fee for the operation is as follows:

Legs: 45,000,000 credits
Arms: 38,000,000 credits
Eyes: 9,000,000 credits
All others:
28,000,000 credits

Prices are standard..Not subject to change at this time.

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